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Product Registration



1. What is product registration for?
Registering your product helps you to save your serial number with Shokz customer service team.
In the future, when you need to find your serial number for warranty claim, you can email to customer.service@shokz.com for a quick support.
2. Am I advised to do product registration?
Product registration is for customers to save their serial numbers with us. However, for those headphones that already have serial numbers marked on the headphones, it is not necessary to do product registration.
3. Where can I find my serial number?
A serial number is a 12-14 digits number printed both on the package and warranty card of the purchased product. You may also find it on the headphones.
4. Do I have to register my product to validate my warranty?
No. As long as you can provide your serial number and proof of purchase, you can make a warranty claim within 2 years from the date of purchase.