Secure Fit, Effortless Comfort.
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Shokz DirectPitch™ technology uses reverse sound waves to optimize the distance and angle between the sound source and the human ear, resulting in relatively greater sound pressure toward the human ear and less sound pressure in directions other than towards the ear canal. This allows the listener to hear the sound without headphones being in the ear, and also has the advantage of reducing sound leakage and ensuring privacy.

OpenFit Air inherits the Shokz open-ear design, providing you with enhanced fitting comfort and steadiness thanks to the exclusive Shokz Air-Earhook. Listen to your playlist with a well-balanced sound for workout routines and day-to-day life, and find the pair that fits your style with 3 colour options.
OpenFit Air inherits the Shokz open-ear design, providing you with enhanced fitting comfort and steadiness thanks to the exclusive…
Security update support period until 2028-4
Open-ear design for comfort
Shokz Air-earhook for steadiness
Situational awareness for safety
Up to 28 hours of playback for more fun
Latest headphones come with a complimentary protective case
(Limited quantity available)
Sold out
protective case
£119.00 Regular price
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Open-ear design for comfort
Shokz Air-earhook for steadiness
Situational awareness for safety
Up to 28 hours of playback for more fun
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24-Month Warranty
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Free 2-3 Business-Day Delivery
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30 Days Return & Refund
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Secure Fit,
Effortless Comfort.
Shokz Air-Earhook for
a Snug & Secure Fit
Sound as Nature Intended
3 Stunning Colours
Multipoint Pairing
Quick Charge and Longer Battery Life
Open-Ear Listening for Transparency2

Shokz Open-Ear
True Wireless Earbuds

Featuring our signature open-ear design,
an adaptable ear hook for improved comfort,
and weighing only 8.7 g1.
it’s not just what you want;
it's what you didn't know you needed.
Innovative Shokz Air-Earhook

Hooked on Comfort

Flexible Ni-Ti memory alloy
Wobble-free, Snug Fit
Featuring an ultra-fine 0.75mm flexible Ni-Ti memory alloy with a soft silicone finish, our Air-Earhook design keeps your earbuds snugly in place.
Teardrop-shaped cross-section
Pressure Points? Not Here.
Designed with a teardrop-shaped cross-section, the larger lower part minimizes pressure during long listening sessions, and the smaller top section allows you to wear glasses effortlessly with your earbuds.
Adaptable earhook design
Flex Mode On
We just made ear hooks better with a pliable cutout design that folds around the curves of every ear - practically like a shape-shifter. And the bigger contact area adds an extra layer of stability to the mix.
Ergonomic Dual-Bevel Design

The Science of Fit

Meet the OpenFit Air’s ergonomic dual-bevel design, straight from the genius minds at Shokz Labs.
Through extensive studies and tests, they didn’t just engineer a fit; they engineered a steadfast, secure, stable fit — and looking sleek from the front.

25.5° Comfy Angle

It's not just comfort
it's peace of mind.
By shifting the centre of gravity closer to the ear, we've created a lighter-than-air feel that practically defies movement. It's not just comfort; it's peace of mind.

18° of Stability

It's not just comfort
it's peace of mind.
The end of the driver housing features an 18° bevel design, allowing the earbuds to fit deeper in your ear for a comfortably snug fit.

Sound as
Nature Intended

Shokz DirectPitch™
for Open-Ear Listening

OpenFit Air is your sound done right. With our exclusive DirectPitch™ tech, we're not just talking balanced; we're talking precise, keeping your audio where it belongs with even less sound leakage. And those specially designed tuning holes? They're all about keeping your tunes clear and natural.
18 x 11 mm
composite dynamic
driver unit
High-strength dome-shaped diaphragm
Polymer surround

Sounds So Good

Packed with a custom dynamic driver unit, the OpenFit Air delivers sound akin to a 16mm prototype, while the composite diaphragm ensures balanced highs, mids, and bass. Paired with built-in Dynamic Range Control (DRC), EQ levels adapt in real-time, hitting all the right notes. Personalize your sound in the Shokz App with four preset EQ modes.
18 x 11 mm
composite dynamic driver unit
Powerful, rich audio details with precision
High-strength dome-shaped diaphragm
Every acoustic vibration directed with incredible accuracy
Polymer surround
Immersive audio with deep bass

Smart Bass Vibes

With Shokz OpenBass™ Air, our proprietary low-frequency enhancement algorithm, these earbuds bring deep bass and detailed richness without unnecessary fuss. Positioned to vibe with your ear canal, they're all about that perfect bass.
How To MultiPoint Pairing

Sleek Silverlight Finish

Meticulously crafted, OpenFit Air radiates vitality with elegance. The matte silicone surface combined with a metallic silverlight ring creates a stunning visual effect that's all about the beauty of tech. Choose from 3 stunning colours to effortlessly match your style, bold or minimalistic.
Pink White Black

Open-Ear Listening for Transparency2

Become the ultimate multitasker with Shokz's exclusive open-ear design. Stay plugged into the real world while you’re on the move, taking a breather, or managing that to-do list.
Enjoy running with your friends and music.
Maintain situational awareness for safety during outdoor activities.
Work & Study
Stay focused on your task while being still prepared to converse.
Enjoy music, podcasts, and audiobooks without missing family time.

Smart Mic, Clear Voice

With OpenFit Air, every word counts.
4 microphones
play it smart, tracking your voice precisely with Adaptive Beamforming.
And thanks to Qualcomm cVc 8.0, background noise takes a backseat — reduced by an impressive
Hear and be heard, clear as crystal.

Sweat & Water-Resistant5

With IP54 water and sweat resistance, your OpenFit Air is ready for anything. Splashes and spills when you’re on the move? No worries! Pushing your limits with the sweatiest workouts? Go for it!

Multipoint Pairing6

Master multitasking with multipoint pairing. Simultaneously syncs with two devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets, on Android, iOS, or Windows. Seamlessly switch devices with a simple tap as you switch from homework to workouts, to taking it easy.
How To MultiPoint Pairing
Shokz App

One Full Charge,
More Listening Sessions4

Up to 6 hours of battery life
with a single charge
Up to 28 hours of total listening time
with the charging case
A quick
charge delivers
2 hours
of listening time

Instant Pairing.
Stable Connection.

Cut the cords for seamless connectivity with OpenFit Air. Feel the freedom of a 10-meter Bluetooth 5.2 range, pair your device simply by flipping open the case, and enjoy silky-smooth performance even when using a single earbud.
OpenFit Air
Shokz App
Manage it all in one place thanks to the Shokz App. Fine-tune audio, connect dual devices, customize buttons, update firmware, and more.
Learn more about the Shokz App

Intuitive Touch Controls

OpenFit Air puts control at your fingertips — literally. You can personalize your button configurations for commands that are uniquely yours. From calls to tunes, adjust everything with a double-tap or long-press.
Learn more
During call L/R Answer/End Call
Playing music L Play/Pause music
R Next track
L Volume down one level
R Volume up one level
*Touch controls can be easily customized or disabled in the Shokz App as needed.
*Disable touch controls in the Shokz App as needed.

What's in the box

OpenFit Air Earbuds*1
OpenFit Air Charging Case*1
USB-C Charging Cable*1
User Instructions*3

Additional Features

Custom Dynamic Driver for
Natural, Balanced Sound
Quick Charge
IP54 Dust & Sweat Resistance
ENC 4-Mic for Clear Call
Up to 6 Hours of Playback with
A Single Charge
8.7g lightweight
Custom Dynamic Driver for
Natural, Balanced Sound
Quick Charge
IP54 Dust & Sweat Resistance
ENC 4-Mic for Clear Call
Up to 6 Hours of Playback with
A Single Charge
8.7g lightweight
Continuous play
Up to 6 hours of music time with a single charge, up to 28 hours with Charging Case
Up to 4.3 hours of calling time with a single charge, up to 20 hours with Charging Case
Charge time
Charge the earbuds with the charging case: 60 minutes;
Empty case with charging cable: 120 minutes
Standby time
Up to30 days
Battery capacity
Earbuds: 40mAh (Min)
Charging case: 600mAh (Min)
Charge voltage
Quick charge
A 10-minute charge gives 2 hour of battery life (music)
Bluetooth® version
Bluetooth 5.2
Compatible profiles
Wireless range
33ft (10m)
Audio codecs supported
Sweat resistance
Earbuds : IP54
Charging case: Not waterproof
Earbuds: 8.7g ± 0.2g
Charging case: 56.4g ± 2g
Total weight: 73.8g ± 2.4g
Exterior Material
Earbuds : Plastic , Silicone , Stainless steel (steel mesh)
Charging case: Plastic
Frequency response
Speaker sensitivity
Microphone sensitivity
-38 dB ±1dB

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Kev E.
Openfit Air - Great all-rounder

I'd previously had a pair of Shokz Open Move bone conduction headsets, and they were great for running and gym work, although i found them a little clunky for day-to-day work. As I was so happy at the quality of the product, I investigated what other Shokz products were available, and Openfit Air seemed to give me everything I needed. I ordered them on-line, and they were delivered (UK) within 3 days. They were easy to pair with my various devices, and the userguide was clear, although the operation is all very intuitive anyway.
I went out for a run with them paired to my apple watch, the sound quality was superb, and they were very comfortable to wear
I then spent most of the day with them connected to my phone, listening to music, and taking calls/teams meetings - again, all easy to do, and both the music and call quality was exceptionally good.
Battery life is good, and the charge time is quick and convenient
These are a superb addition to my "gadget" collection and I consider them to be good value for money

Ian H.
Best of both worlds

I bought these having tried a number of other less expensive headphones.
Use case is indoor rowing. I wanted open ear phones so I can hear the stroke rate better and to not have my heart beat thumping in my ear. AirPods were ok but as I get very sweaty often slipped out. Cheaper versions I have had were not dual Bluetooth, which was a pain changing from phone to iPad, especially if it was not in the same room. They were also poor to disconnect when the case closed. These Shokz have been great, simple to change from one device to another, turn off when the case is closed and comfortable. One last comment, sound is much better than expected. I often listen to the radio and the voices are very clear.

J C.
Excellent sound, secure fit, very comfortable

Openfit air review

I bought these for running, and they are comfortable and secure for that. AND they are so comfortable I forget I'm wearing them. That and the excellent sound quality means I'm now using them as my default headphones for most everyday music and calls, and other outdoor activities like hiking and gardening.

It's worth noting that these aren't bone conducting headphones, and that's not a problem, they offer excellent sound while maintaining situational awareness.

The sound quality is excellent and full, better than my in-ear headphones that were considerably more expensive (I don't use those any more). The call quality is also excellent.

There is a minor issue. When starting restarting audio tracks it sometimes starts in one headphone only and takes a few seconds for the other to join in. The sound will also sometimes cut out in one headphone mid-track, interacting with the touch controls seems to bring the sound back within a few seconds. Given the fantastic sound quality and comfort, I'm happy to overlook this issue, especially given it may be a software problem that can be resolved.

The controls are intuitive and functional. They are a little sluggish to respond, but completely fine once you are used to them. There is no option to play the previous track, only the next track, so if you accidentally skip forward (I am clumsy like that) you have to get your device out to skip back. Not a major challenge, but support for more controls (e.g. with triple tap) would be welcome.

Battery life is good and charging is fast.

The shopping experience was easy and unobtrusive.

Overall I'm extremely pleased I bought these headphones. As mentioned there are some minor issues, but the quality and comfort of the Openfit Air make them a more than worthwhile choice. I've only given 4 stars because of the minor sound issue, I'll happily change my review to 5 stars once that is resolved. I thoroughly recommend.

Piran A.
Freedom and Great Sound

I have been using Shokz products for a few years and these are my favourite so far.
The carrying and charging case is really neat and easy to carry round. The headphones are extremely comfortable, with great sound and allow me to continue hearing external sounds for saftey.
Great for running, cycling and hiking. Always feel really secure.
Best product yet, I prefer them to the band style.

Stephen L.
OpenFit Air - The way forward

Had the OpenFit Air for 2 weeks now and so far absolutely loving them.
First up free protective cover - nice touch and looks great.
Out the box - downloaded app and so easy to pair with both phone and watch. App is so easy to use with great options
Definitely like charging in the box too, had openrun pros and had problems with the charging connection and cable.

First use - really impressed with feel and do not feel that you are wearing them. Touch control works really well and very sensitive.

Sound quality is very good and with all shokz products still allow you to be able to hear your surroundings.

Overall so far.... Really impressed and having used the Openrun Pros prior to this purchase, definitely comparable, although I think you get more surrounding sound via openrun pros.


1. Can I wear glasses and OpenFit Air together?
Definitely you can. OpenFit Air is designed friendly to wear with glasses.
2. Can I pair OpenFit Air with multiple devices?
In the Shokz App, OpenFit Air can support two devices for pairing at the same time. Please update the Shokz App to the latest version in the App Store. Follow the instructions to update the headphone firmware to the latest version. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your pairing device.
1. Start by selecting “MultiPoint Pairing” in the Shokz App.
2. On the pop-up page, confirm to open the MultiPoint Pairing function.
3. Select "Connect To The Second Device" and follow the instructions to establish a connection with the second device.
4.Your headphones are now connected to two devices. You can manage their Bluetooth connections conveniently through the Shokz App.
3. Where is the touch button located on the area of the earbud?
The touch button is located on the area of the earbud with the Shokz logo.
4. Is OpenFit Air a bone conduction headphone?
OpenFit Air isn't a bone conduction headphone.
OpenFit Air is powered by DirectPitch™ technology, another technical method to open-ear listening.


1. Data was gathered from Shokz testing labs and the specific weight may vary by ± 0.2 grams.
2. When using during outdoor activity, please ensure earbuds are being properly worn and control the volume to ensure that you can hear your surroundings, including traffic signals, passersby, etc. Using OpenFit Air while riding or driving may distract your attention and have higher risk of sports injury and traffic accident; using OpenFit Air while riding or driving may violate local laws or community regulations, use this product in compliance with local laws and community regulations.
3. Drawing insights from the Shokz Acoustic Laboratory's experiments simulating scenarios like intersections, train stations, and restaurants, aligning the dual microphones to this position yields an average signal-to-noise ratio improvement of 29dB when the artificial head experiences a sound pressure level of 65-72dB(A). This translates to a 96.5% reduction in environmental noise.
4. This data was gathered at the Shokz Lab in a temperature-controlled environment of 25±2 °C, playing ACC-encoded audio at a 50% volume and all other features set to default. The actual battery life depends on the volume, sound source, degree of environmental interference, product features, use habits, and other factors. Quick charging requires the charging case to be in the green light prompt state.
5. IP54 water-resistance only applies to the earbuds, and charging case is not rated waterproof. OpenFit Air was tested under controlled laboratory conditions and has a rating of IP54 under IEC standard 60529. Water-resistance is not a permanent condition and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. Please do not submerge or expose OpenFit Air for an extended period to water. Please do not attempt to charge a wet OpenFit Air.
6. MultiPoint Pairing is disabled by default and can be activated in the Shokz App. The headphones can memorize up to 5 devices.
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