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Quick Charge Version of Aeropex
Next-level Bone Conduction Sport Headphones
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£129.95 Regular price
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Quick Charge
Version of Aeropex

£129.95 Regular price
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OpenRun (Quick charge version of Aeropex): Aeropex is the top selling model of Shokz. Now they have been updated with a quick-charge feature and re-named as OpenRun. A 10-minute quick charge gives you 1.5 hours of listening time so you can get on-the-go fast!
OpenRun (Quick charge version of Aeropex): Aeropex is the top selling......
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Quick Charge
IP67 Waterproof (Not for swimming)
8-Hour Battery Life
26g ( Lightweight + Comfortable)
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£129.95 Regular price
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Quick Charge
IP67 Waterproof (Not for swimming)
8-Hour Battery Life
26g ( Lightweight + Comfortable)
24-Month Warranty
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30 Days Return & Refund
24-Month Warranty
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Bone Conduction
Sport Headphones


A 10-minute quick charge guarantees 1.5 hours of listening time. OpenRun is always the best running partner ready to fuel up your exercise.

Only 26g
Open-Ear Comfort

With a buds-free listening experience, silicone coating and ultra-lightweight design, OpenRun(Quick Charge Version of Aeropex) brings you all-day comfort no matter what challenges you take on.

Open-Ear Listening
Stay Aware and Safe

Be open to the world around you. Open-ear design allows you to hear music and traffic at the same time. Whether you are running on the streets or biking in the mountains, OpenRun( Quick Charge Version of Aeropex) brings a high-quality hearing experience without compromising on safety.

Full Titatium Fit
Stability for Sports

Wraparound titanium frame ensures a secure fit that will stay in place during any workout or adventure. Move with freedom and confidence, even during dynamic workouts such as jumping or yoga inversions.

Cutting-Edge Crystal-Clear
Audio Experience

Re-engineered technology PremiumPitch™ 2.0+ delivers the widest dynamic stereo sound that bone conduction technology can offer. Say hello to deeper bass, less vibration and louder volume.

IP67 Water-Resistant Standard
Unrivaled As You Are

IP67 water-resistant standard keeps your headphones safe from splashes, sweat, and even getting caught in the rain.

8 Hours
Non-Stop Listening,
Power On and On

Power up to 8 hours of music and calls. With OpenRun(quick charge version of Aeropex), you can blaze through your long day.

Seamless Connection
Amazing Call Quality

Equipped with a Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.1 chip, dual-mics and CVC algorithm to sharply separate your voice from background noise, you can experience clear and stable calls on the move.

It works just as good as
the Aeropex, even better

A 10-minute quick charge gives you 1.5 hours of listening time,
OpenRun is always the best running partner ready to fuel up your exercise

What’s In The Box

OpenRun Bone Conduction Sports Headphone
Magnetic charging cable
Carrying bag

Additional Features

Quick Charge
A 10-min charge for 1.5 hours of usage
IP67 Water-resistant
Not for swimming
PremiumPitch™ 2.0+
Stereo Sound Powerful bass and higher volume
Battery Life
8 hours
Charge Time
1.5 hours
Standby Time
Up to 10 Days
Charging Port
Magnetic Induction
Battery Capacity
160 mAh
Maximum Charging Voltage
5V ± 5%
Quick Charge
Yes. 10-min charge for 1.5 hours of usage
Bluetooth Versions
Mutipoint Pairing
Wireless Range
33 ft (10m)
Compatible Codecs
Compatible Profiles
Sweat & Water Resistant
Full Titanium
Moisture Detector
Command Controls
Multifunction button, Volume button
Frequency Response
105 ± 3dB
Microphone Type
Dual noise-canceling mic
Microphone Sensitivity
-38dB ± 3dB
Find The Right Headphone For You
Quick charge
10-min charge for 1.5 hours of usage
Bluetooth 5.1
Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Life
8 Hours
8 Hours
Water Resistance
IP67 Waterproof (Not for swimming) This rating is given for items that can provide
protection against ingress from powerful jets of liquid and against ingress of dust.
IP67 Waterproof (Not for swimming) This rating is given for items that can provide
protection against ingress from powerful jets of liquid and against ingress of dust.

Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews
Samantha R.
Incredible sound and freedom to hear my surroundings

I am obsessed with my shokz, I love to run with my music up high and having the ability to do this with the possibility to hear the world around me is a game changer!

I run in the countryside quite regularly so to be able to hear what’s going on around me is invaluable.

The headphones were comfortable and sit well with no slipping, so much so that I forget I’m wearing them a lot of the time. (Look at my photo - you can hardly see them!

The phone call ability is helpful as I’ve had other wireless headphones that I couldn’t communicate through which was always frustrating, especially when out on a long run.

I would recommend these to anyone who would listen! Love them!!!

Andrew C.

I can now go Mountain biking and study music at the same time! With my Shokz Openrun I’ve the freedom to spend a day up the Cumbrian Fells, not worry about battery life & study the professional level music I play. So comfortable even when I’m rattling down boulder fields on my bike never requiring adjustment - even after landing big jumps!
Thank you for making

Sally C.
Worth upgrading to Openrun Shokz

I bought a some Aftershokz a few years ago and have been very pleased with them and convinced my hubby to buy some...when his arrived I was so jealous...I treated myself to the new style Openrun Shokz.
They are fantastic! So light, and so much more comfortable than my old ones. The sound quality is excellent and the charging set up so much easier with the magnetic connection. I also like that they come with a bag rather than the big case - much more practical....we'll do Shokz on a great product and I will be recommending them further!

Dave G.
Comfortable and decent audio for the intended use

Bought these to enable me to hear my surroundings as I run some country lanes that don't have paths. I used to have to take my in-ears out for those sections. I am now able to turn the volume down and can hear traffic approaching much more easily.

I like the fact that they have independent physical volume buttons, and another button to change tracks etc. They are lightweight and the battery (so far) seems to last quite well. They are very quick to pair and connect as soon as they are switched on.

I've used them for 10 mile runs and shorter interval work and they stay put.

They took a few runs to get used to, if you have anything with a lot of bass, it can feel like there is tapping/twitching on the side of you head, which to start with gave me a slight headache. This seems to have gone away now.

Obviously if you are looking for lots of volume/heavy bass and no noise, these are not for you. I've found them louder than I was expecting though, not super loud.

Great customer experience

I’ve been using Shokz Openrun for around 2.5 years and have run miles and miles with them, as well as used them around the house. My previous pair broke (the on/off button stopped working). I contacted Shokz to see if they would be covered by the warranty, but unfortunately they were outside of this. A discount was offered on a new pair. I had however already purchased a replacement, as had realised myself that my original pair was outside of the warranty period and I hate running without these headphones now. Shokz refunded the discount amount from my purchase even though I had already paid, which I really appreciated. Thank you.


Q: What are the differences between Aeropex and OpenRun?
A: OpenRun supports quick charge with the included magnetic charging cable.10-minute charging time gives you 1.5 hours of listening time. OpenRun takes 1.5 hours to charge from 0 to 100. There are 2 EQs on OpenRun. One is Standard Mode, the other one is Vocal Booster Mode, giving you crystal-clear sound for podcasts & audiobooks.
Q: Can I use Openrun for phone calls?
A: Yes, the Openrun has two microphones on the right side, which can be used to answer and make phone calls.
Q: Can I use Openrun as a hearing aids?
A: Openrun is a Bluetooth headphone which needs to be connected with a playing device for audio listening. Hearing aids work by amplifying sound from surroundings. We advise you to pair the Openrun with your phone and using an amplifier app, like Petralex to assist with hearing.
Q: Can I wear Openrun and glasses together?
A: Definitely you can. The Openrun designed with a full titanium hook and there is enough space to wear both Openrun and glasses.
Q: What is the difference between OpenRun and OpenRun Mini in size?
A: The band of OpenRun Mini is 0.83"/21mm shorter than OpenRun's. Please check the size guide for more information on sizing. More details about OpenRun Mini reference here or kindly email
Q: Can I charge OpenRun while it is wet, and will it cause any damage?
A: OpenRun is IP67 certified and can survive underwater for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter without damage. We recommend wiping the earbuds with a dry cloth and keeping them dry before storing or charging. In addition, if OpenRun’s sweat-sensing charging alarm detects that the charging port is wet, it will vibrate to remind you. We recommend that you dry the charging port with a soft paper towel before charging. After the port is dry, it can be charged.


① This data was the result of a test that was conducted using OpenRun paired with iPhone 12mini (version: ISO14.3).
Test conditions: Paired OpenRun with iPhone 12mini, adjusted to the standard EQ mode, played the music App on the IOS system, play the Lenka-Trouble is a Friend (Hi-Res). wav file, and set the volume to around 80% of the maximum volume.
Test content: OpenRun battery was fully discharged and then charged to 100%. The audio file was played until running out the battery life.
The test result showed that the OpenRun had a continuous playback time of up to 8 hours. In actual use, battery life depends on device settings, environment, usage, and many other factors.
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