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Sports Headphones

What makes running headphones different to ordinary headphones?

Shokz|Aug 17
Open-ear running headphones are designed to allow you to enjoy your sports to the max whilst enjoying your own personal soundtrack and remaining open to the world around you. Discover...
AfterShokz Aeropex

What are the benefits of open-ear headphones?

Shokz|Aug 17
Find out how open-ear headphones work and why they are the perfect sports headphones for those who want to listen to music while they train.
Headphones for Cycling

Key Points Before You Buy A Pair of Headphones for Cycling

Shokz|May 26
A must read article for cycling enthusiasts. Key factors before you pick a pair sports headphones for cycling. 
AfterShokz Open-ear Sports Headphones

Everything You Need to Know About Open-ear Headphones

Shokz|May 26
Key benefits of open-ear sports headphones. If you feel uncomfortable or unstable wearing in-ear headphones during sports, this article will help you out!