Lucy Bartholomew

Calm, Confident and Curious.
Nationality: Australia
Field of expertise: Trail Running
Hometown: Diamond Creek, Melbourne, Australia
With Shokz since 2021
1.2023 Dacia UTMB® Mont Blanc - 171km - 2023 - 10th Place
2.2023 Tarawera Ultramarathon by UTMB Women - 2023 - 1st Place
3.2023 Ultra-Trail Australia Women - 2023 - 2nd Place
Lucy Bartholomew, a 27-year-old from Melbourne, Australia, has become a prominent figure in ultra-marathon running, beginning her journey at 16, inspired by her father's achievement in a 100km race.
This early experience sparked a deep-seated passion for the sport, guiding her through a 11-year journey that has tested her limits and enriched her life with growth and connections. As a Taurus, her resilience and stubbornness have played pivotal roles in navigating the challenges and highs of ultra running, always driven by her love for the outdoors and running. Her commitment to trail running was solidified by a transformative experience running 12.5 hours alongside her father, which has since become a platform for personal achievement and exploration. This commitment has taught her lessons in resilience, humility, and the value of connections. Lucy has made significant strides in her career with notable achievements across challenging races. She has clinched podium finishes in prestigious events like Western States, Tarawera, and Ultra Trail Australia, showcasing her prowess and endurance. In 2020, Lucy ventured into triathlon, impressively placing fourth in her age group at the Ironman Western Australia, earning a spot in the Ironman World Championship. Her dedication and adaptability were further highlighted in a top-ten finish at the UTMB, solidifying her status as an elite athlete in the ultra-marathon world. Beyond the track, Lucy's life is filled with outdoor adventures, a passion for preparing plant-based meals, and a knack for bringing people together through her culinary creations. Her motto, "calm, confident, and curious," reflects her balanced approach to life's challenges, emphasizing exploration and self-assurance.
"I know people do that all the time with glasses, but it was especially funny because I was so bummed for not having my favourite songs to dance along to on the trail."
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"I use the Shokz OpenRun Pro Mini. I love their size and how they hook onto my ear, and I cannot lose them. The 8-hour battery life is also a huge win for me and the long events that I take on. I remember running a race with them around my head but not on, and I was so bummed that for 4 hours of the race I didn't have my headphones with me to listen to music. I got to my crew and asked for my headphones, and they all looked at me like I was crazy because they were right there. I know people do that all the time with glasses, but it was especially funny because I was so bummed for not having my favourite songs to dance along to on the trail. "
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